Argentina women emerge victorious in their fight for legalising abortion.

Argentina women seem to have won half their fight to legalise abortion and protect themselves from the brutalities that they had to suffer from because of illegal abortion being practiced in the country.

The congress lower house cleared the bill that legalises abortion in the country with a majority of 131 votes in favour, 117 against and 6 absentees. Abortion had been practiced illegally in the country for a long haul now which endangered the life of the women and the foetus both sometimes resulting in death of either. There were also instancces when the mother was forcefully made to get an abortion surgery performed on her because the child was unwanted by the family which was mostly the case with the women from the lower masses who were poor and unaware. Although the 1992 penal code allows abortion only for 3 scenarios that were if the lady was pregnant due to a physical assault; the pregnant women was mentally ill; the life of the mother is in danger if she gives birth to the baby, there were strict punishments that were unavoidable under any other circumstances than the aforementioned. The majority of Australian online casinos have a minimum deposit requirement. This is the minimum deposit amount you can make in normal transactions, or the smallest deposit amount you can make to collect the casino’s bonus. You can find the best low deposit casino here , guys from Fancasinos scour the world of online casinos for the highest quality sites with low minimum deposits so that you may have the most entertainment for the least amount of money. Ever since the women have been in a long fight to legalise abortion because the practice despite being illegal was being practiced unlawfully and disrupted multiple lives.

The bill shall now go to the senate where it is believed that it will have even higher votes in favour. However, those who opposed the bill were protesting outside while the voting took place and were in tears and those who were in support of the bill rejoiced by wearing green scarves and hugging each other and congratulating each other on their victory. The birth place of Pope Francis is now determined to provide its women with greater laws for them and work for their reproductive rights. The fact that their can be people who will oppose legalising a hideous practice and are okay with it going on illegally do no happen to know what the procedure feels like physically and what mental trauma it leaves for a lifetime that no person living or dead can take away from a woman who was about to experience the greatness of motherhood shows how there are still people walking around us with hollow chest and empty brains. The initiative includes a parallel bill which will face a separate vote to assist women who want to continue with their pregnancy and face severe economic or social difficulties.

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