Archer Season 12: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Fans are highly anticipating Archer Season 12 owing to the success of the previous seasons. But when is the upcoming season actually hitting the screens?

Archer Season 12: Release Date

Archer Season  12

The eleventh season of this animation series was dropped on September 2020 with the last episode releasing on October 28, 2020. The good news this that FXX has renewed the series for another season and we cannot keep calm.

President of FX Entertainment Nick Grad announced the renewal of the series. He stated that Archer Season 12 is going to be as grand as ever. He added that there is more to look forward to in the upcoming season. There are speculations that Archer Season 12 will previous in early 2021.

Archer Season 12

But the FX President did not utter anything about the release date. Also, the upcoming season might face a little delay because the product is still at a halt due to the ongoing pandemic. So we need to wait for an official announcement about the release date for Archer Season 12.

Archer Season 12: Plot

The previous season on this animation series had a very satisfying end. We saw that Archer finally got out of coma after long. Because in the last three seasons Archer was in a coma and we have been waiting for him to recover.

So Archer Season 12 is going to show more of his adventures as a spy agent. In the last season, we saw how his agency coworkers disagreeing with the fact that Archer should start working like before. So in the upcoming season, we can expect his counterparts to finally agree.

Archer Season 12

Thus in Archer Season 12, we can finally expect to see him in his old form.  We cannot wait to wait for Archer’s wit and humorous antics provided that fact that we missed it in the previous seasons. In the upcoming season, it will be interesting to see if Archer can let go of his past trauma and actually get back to normal after being in a coma for so long.

There are also certain questions which might be answered in the upcoming season. We saw that Archer and Barry have reconciled and are friends now. But will their friendship actually last? Also, will Lana and Rober be together or they will eventually drift apart?

Well, Archer Season 12 is expected to bring all the answers!

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