Apple to start the sale of another product for its consumers.

Apple is all set to start the sale of its new product for this year besides its latest launch of iphone12 and so are the people ready to buy.

The all new Airpods pro max headphones are all set to start their sale from 15th December 2020 after its launch in India. The product is priced at 59,900 rupees only. It is one lavish experience for the music enthusiasts with some of its latest really remarkable features installed by the company and an advanced audio experience with 40mm dynamic drivers. The device is Siri supported and has a system of active noise cancellation. It has an adaptive EQ and a transparency mode and is available in multiple colours for consumers to choose from.

What is most noticed about the product is its feature of Spatial Audio and Automatic Switching. The effective feature turns the entire device into a home theatre for your ears. It has a 20-hour long battery life. Apple has an image of that of a suspense creator when it launches its products similarly the company hardly ever does inform about the changes it has made or will be making it every up and coming Airpods. There is no specific system or chronology to follow to install a software that operates the device. To reduce any more human efforts of constant switching between devices the product will automatically switch between multiple devices without us having to do a lot.

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