Another ‘Islamist Attack’ in France: 3 people killed and several injured

In the city of Nice, in France, a man attacked several people as they were going to the Church. A number of people were injured among whom, three were killed. The president of France Emmanuel Macron termed this as an islamist terror attack.

Macron stated that after the attack, many soldiers were positioned to secure schools and religious places and this number would be doubled to 7000 in the coming future. The Government of France has raised the security alert level of the country with maximum.

The attacker was shot and wounded at place in the crime inside Norte Dame Basilica in the City. He was later taken to the hospital to be looked after. One of the people who died because of the incident was a 60 year old woman who endured a very deep throat slitting like a decapitation and her body was found at the entry of the church.

As informed by an unverified police source, the attacker shouted Allah Akbar before carrying out the attack. The mayor of the city informed that the man was still shouting the words when the police captured him. Following the incident which has been termed as a terrorist enterprise, an investigation has been launched for the charges of murder and attempted murder.

The anti terrorism team of the country has been working to find out more details about the suspect. He was born in 1999 but is not on the radar of intelligence agencies which sift through identities for a potential threat.

Along with the 17-centimeter blade which was used for the attack, the suspect had a copy of Quran the Muslim holy book and two telephones on his person.

Authorities in France were quick to respond

Chaos and panic spread as the people in the church spotted the attacker. Several police officers and front line workers were quick to reach the site. The situation was brought under control as fast as they could. The bells in the church rang across the country to pay tribute to the victims and mark the tragic incident.

French president visited the city after attending a government crisis meeting on thursday. He encouraged the people of France not surrender to the spirit of division. “Once again our country has been hit by an Islamic terrorist attack, once again this morning three of our computer it’s very nice in this Basilica Notre Dame, quite clearly it is France which is attacked,” he asserted.

France and the Muslim world have been involved in a clash over the matters of freedom of expression and secular values but they’ve were recently resurfaced owing to the murder of the French teacher who showed the cartoons of prophet Muhammad in class.

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