Anime series Attack on Titans season 4 officially on stream on Netflix US and Japan.

Some of the most in trend cinema today is Anime which is slowly building up its fanbase.

One of the mainstream series for the anime fans the Attack on the Titans is back with its final and 4th season is available in 2 parts that will be streamed and can be watched on a weekly basis on Sundays on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu but it’s first part is available on Netflix US and Japan since December 11.

There is so much for the fans to look forward to in the upcoming season. This was expected given the show’s progress with the manga’s storyline but it still a bit of a bummer all the same. Thankfully, there is still quite a bit for Eren and friends to deal with. The season 3 finale found humanity dealing with the truth of what really went on in Grisha’s basement. Now the Survey Corps have left the confines of Wall Maria and are set to uncover the mysteries of Paradis Island.

Talking about the 4th episode in the upcoming season which is like the most awaited right given all the drama that happened in the first three we can say that in the next episode there is a time when Willy Tybur and Theo Magath take a look at the statue of Helos, an inspirational figure for their nation Tybur admires the statue and the meaning it beholds but Magath informs him that the magnificient idol is hollow meaning it’s a monument with a hollow inside.

The episode is so wanted because it unfolds a huge cliffhanger although it is a peaceful addition to the series but what it old is something discussion worthy and when it comes out it is safe to assume it will leaven everyone in a shock. To give an insight to the episode: It is revealed that ne of the most unsuspicious characters on the show Kruger wo has been helping Falco with his Warrior training tuns out to be Eren who is a essential part of the show and has been conning everyone and planning a big move which looks like it required years of careful and well thought out planning. Eren’s disguise as Kruger also acts as another glorious parallel to Reiner’s infiltration strategy to Wall Maria all of those years ago when he hid in plain sight under the “enemy’s” nose. Attack on Titan pulls the trigger on this at exactly the right time. 

Well, to say certainly that the show is not slow in pace or just juggling around for nothing because it has so much to unfold before the finale with every episode comes another revelation and a content that explores different sides of Marley. The content is new, fresh and not exhausting or boring or just moving for the sake of moving.

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