All About China’s Mine Collapse – 2 people died and many are missing!

An open pit mine in China’s inner Mongolia region collapsed killing 2 people while leaving more than 50 others missing. This fatal incident took place at the Alexa League mine, rescuers brought out 3 people two of whom showed no signs of Life. Several people are still believed to be buried under the debris.

 Eyewitnesses Statement –

They claimed that apart from working staff numerous vehicles were buried in the mine collapse. China has recorded a slew of deadly industrial and construction accidents in recent months as a result of poor safety training and regulation.

Some Previous Mine Collapsed News –

Last December, at least 40 people died when a gold mine in Northwestern Xinjiang region collapsed. Before that in 2021, two miners had died and 20 others had to be rescued from a flooded Coal mine.

According to the current scenario, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang have ordered an investigation. Accident rescue team leader told that they have 11 rescue teams and more than 40 medical workers on site.

Police and the rescue team is looking into this completely. We will update further about this incident. Till then, condolences for those people who passed away in this incident.