Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Airtel Payments Bank launches DigiGold for savings account

Airtel Payments Bank has launched DigiGold on Thursday for the customers to make investments in gold, in partnership with digital gold provider SafeGold.

So the Airtel Payments Bank savings account customers will be able to invest in 24K gold using the Airtel Thanks app DigiGold. Those people who have g+saving accounts with Airtel Payments Bank can also gift DigiGold to their near and dear like family and friends.

Airtel Payments Bank

Ganesh Ananthanarayanan, Bank Chief Operating Officer says that DigiGold is their latest addition to the neo-banking proposition of simple, secure, and value-driven products.

He added that their customer can invest in gold very easily with the help of this app. It is very much easy and safe for them. He said that they are going to introduce Systematic Investment Plans to enable customers to invest regularly. There is no minimum investment value requirement and customers can start with as low as one rupee.

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