Abhijeet Duddala wins Telugu Bigg Boss season 4.

Reality TV shows are a big entertainment when sitting with your family in the evening. One of these shows is the Bigg Boss. It is hosted in various regions in various languages by different stars for example Salman Khan, Nagarjuna.

The Telugu Bigg Boss season4 just ended and found a winner among the inmates. The person who took the trophy this year was actor Abhijeet Duddala. The show was a big hit and loved by a big audience. With all the drama, fight, love, friendship, caring and helping and maintaining a bond that helped each prosper and survive the stay at the Bigg Boss house the show was a blast and so was its finale. There were performances by some of the ex-inmates of the house.

There were speculations that there might be a lady winner of this season but Abhijeet swept away the trophy with a total of 585votes and Sohel quit the show and accepted the prize money worth Rs. 25 lakh. The contestants that occur on the show require skills, wit, and a very shar observing skills and planning skills to lead and have everyone in their favour. They need to be friend with everyone and not do anything to make a majority go against them or something that is ethically wrong. Their personality and their ability to study everyone ad the game they play is what can make anyone win he trophy in future if they make a comeback.

Abhijeet or MR.COOL was one such person who was very charismatic and studied the house, play, game, people well and managed to survive and win the season with a big fanbase and lots of opportunities awaiting him outside the house. His ideas were remarkable and well planned like the one to kidnap DIVI in the Robots vs Humans task really bode well for his team. Well, it is well known not everything works as planned his move to steal the stars in the BB hotel task was a setback but other than that he was brilliant. His friendships, relations are worth mentioning like his friendship with Harika and Noel. However when living with people from all over with a different personality and mindset for a long time can sometimes be frustrating and cause tentions his were with Monal and Akhil but it did good to him and his fame.

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