7 Best Synthetic Workout Fabrics For Winter

7 Best Synthetic Workout Fabrics For Winter

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Synthetic fabrics may not be as popular as natural fibers, but they have their advantages. 

The finest material for workout garments should be soft and pleasant on your skin, as well as durable enough to handle the rigors of training – whether the activity requires difficult postures, lengthy use, or inclement weather.

Sports or synthetic fabric is a kind of technical garment material meant to keep you cool and comfortable throughout a workout.

They’re typically cheaper and easier to care for than wool or cotton and offer a wide variety of weights and textures.

Light, breathable clothes are typically the greatest choice so that you can concentrate on your routine rather than the pain you are experiencing throughout the exercise.

Here’s some useful information on the best synthetic workout fabrics that will increase your training and help you familiarize yourself with the various materials used in sportswear and decide on your next purchase.

1) Polyester fleece

This is one of the most popular types of synthetic fabric because it’s so widely available in a range of styles and prices. It’s also very warm without being too heavy — perfect for cold days at the gym or on your morning run.

While polyester fleece has been known to pill over time, it can usually be easily repaired with a lint roller if necessary.

2) CoolMax

Most synthetic fabrics don’t absorb sweat well. They trap the moisture next to your skin and cause you to feel even colder than before

CoolMax is a hydrophobic material that wicks sweat away from your body, allowing it to evaporate and keeping you warm and dry. Whether you’re running in the cold or cycling indoors, this is a great option for staying dry and comfortable even in winter!

3) Heattech

This fabric was designed by Uniqlo with Japanese technology to keep wearers warm without adding weight or bulk.

Heattech reflects your own body heat back onto itself (similar to how astronauts lose heat without insulation), which can make it feel warmer than traditional workout clothes.

It’s also highly breathable, so the fabric stays dry and comfortable even during intense workouts. This is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep warm without adding bulk.

Health isn’t only for wintertime workouts — the lightweight material is perfect for hot summer days as well!

4) Thermolite

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Thermolite doesn’t sound like the most stylish name (it sounds like something that might be used in biomedical sciences), but this synthetic fabric can actually make you look stylish. It’s soft and smooth, comes in a variety of colors, and works very well in keeping you warm while remaining lightweight.

The one downside about this material is that it does tend to pill over time, especially when washed frequently. However, it’s easy to remove pills with a lint roller, and it’s worth the effort!

5) Fleece

True fleece is actually made up of 85% polyester and 15% rayon, but we’ve included it on this list because so many people use the two words interchangeably.  The term “fleece” is used more commonly than any other name for this type of synthetic fabric.

Like polyester fleece, true fleece is soft, lightweight yet warm, and available in a wide range of colors and styles. It’s also very durable–since it’s made from a synthetic material rather than natural fibers like cotton or wool, there are no wrinkles or tears that need to be repaired.

This is a perfect fabric for any kind of cold-weather workout, and it’s often available in jackets and hoodies sold in wholesale fitness apparel stores.

6) PolartecPower Dry

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If you want the warmth of fleece but need something a bit more lightweight, consider Polartec Power Dry.

Polartec is known for being highly insulating yet breathable, so it will keep you warm without overheating. It also wicks moisture away from the skin, which means that even if your workout generates some sweat, this fabric will help regulate your temperature to keep you comfortable.

7) Supplex nylon

If you’re looking for an all-purpose warm weather fabric that’s not too heavy or bulky, try Supplex nylon.

This durable fabric resists abrasion and stretching over time, but still has enough stretch to make it easy to move in. You can wear it nearly anywhere for any type of workout, and it’s usually available in a wide variety of styles as well.


Keep your cool with these fabrics! Synthetic workout gear can be a great alternative to traditional materials like cotton or wool, especially during the colder months of the year.

While you may have to choose a different fabric on those 95 degree days, having a few synthetic options will make wintertime workouts much more comfortable–and might even help you plan out an entire year’s worth of hot weather outfits.

Warm weather workouts require different fabrics from winter sports like running and cycling, but there are still plenty of great synthetic options to choose from–and we’ve got the top seven right here!

Now that you know which materials offer you the most warmth and comfort, it’s time to find yourself a fitting piece made of these materials!

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