5 Essential Cannabis Accessories You Must Have in Your Collection

Gone are the days when smoking marijuana was considered taboo. Today’s cannabis is largely normalized in society thanks to rising awareness and global acceptance of cannabis—no wonder the American cannabis industry was valued at a whopping $13.6 billion in 2019.

The booming cannabis industry has given birth to numerous cannabis brands that produce high-quality smoking paraphernalia like a bong or water pipe, bubblers, and whatnot.

With such great variety at your disposal, it’s evident that many cannabis enthusiasts create collections of the smoking accessories they proudly possess.

Here are five such awesome cannabis accessories that you must have in your collection.

  1. Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are one of the essential accessories to have in your collection. They are perfect for rolling joints and enjoying cannabis on the go. You understand why good-quality rolling papers are necessary if you know how to roll a joint. They should be sturdy enough not to tear easily while rolling the joint.

The glue that holds the joint in one place should be natural as the users lick it before sticking the joint. Numerous brands make organic rolling papers that do not contain any harmful substances as substandard rolling papers do.

That is why many smokers turn to organic rolling papers made from rice or similar material. Globally recognized brands like Raw, Juicy Jay, Elements, and OCB produce high-quality rolling papers loved by millions of people. Remember to keep one of them in your collection.

2. Herb Grinder

Manually picking out the seeds and stems from the bud can be frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry and need to light one for the road.

Thankfully, a herb grinder can help grind the herb into smaller parts and achieve an even texture. Premium herb grinders are durable and consist of layers like the upper grinder, mesh to catch the herb powder and a seed extractor where the stems and seeds are accumulated.

Though herb grinders are primarily made of steel, you can still find different grinders made from wood, plastic, and other materials. If you like to take things up a notch, you can purchase a handcrafted artisanal wood grinder to add to your collection, and it can be a great conversation starter among your friends.

3. Rolling Tray

Suppose you are rolling a joint on your lap, and suddenly a blow of wind flips the paper and spreads your herb on the floor. It would be disastrous to lose all the herbs. You need a flat surface to put the herb securely while rolling your joint.

Thankfully there’s a solution: a rolling tray. They are designed to hold your herb in one place and are compact enough to carry in your backpack. They are also made from sturdy material, meaning they won’t get damaged even if you drop them.

A rolling tray is one of the crucial accessories to have in your smoking collection.

4. Crutches

If you don’t like to roll the filter tips manually, you should consider getting crutches. Crutches are the filter through which you smoke the joint. They are also known as tips or filters.

They are placed at the end of the joint and work as a barrier between your mouth and the herb. That is, crutches prevent the herb particles from entering your mouth. Remember to store a bunch of them in your collections so you can roll a joint whenever you want.

5. Bongs or water pipes

Bongs are beautiful if you know which one to have. Bongs help you get stronger hits than a joint. In addition, the water chamber of the bong or water pipe helps filter and cool the smoke so you can get a smoother toke.

A bong will be perfect for you if you want to save yourself from the hassle of rolling a joint. Just place some herb in the bowl, add some water to the chamber and light the herb with a lighter. You are good to go.

That is why a water pipe is an essential item to have in a collection. Bongs come in many styles, colours, shapes, and sizes so that you can get one yourself that matches your style and needs.

Online stores have the best collection of bongs and water pipes. You can buy a whole set or buy the different components and create your unique bong.

5. Munchies

Last but not the least, remember to add some munchies to your collections. Whether it’s before or after, you might need to satisfy your sweet cravings after smoking cannabis.

A good smoking session is incomplete without the right accessories and good friends. So, make sure to get as many essential accessories as possible, as they can enhance the smoking experience for your entire group.

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