5 Different Types of Trophies to Buy

Trophies are more than objects. They have a psychological effect on those that receive them. Among the benefits are their use as guidance mechanisms, the creation of goal commitments, and encouragement to set higher expectations for ourselves. Although debates have continued as to their purpose, there’s a change in an individual’s attitude when they have one.

Trophies don’t come in one size. Several types fit events that go beyond sports. Here are five different types of trophies to buy.

1. A Custom Trophy

Custom trophies aren’t the standard items given out at other events. They take any form you need. Some are presented without a pedestal, so they become more of a sculpture than a trophy.

Several companies near you and online, like Edco, produce custom trophies. While you provide the design framework, they create the award. Though a custom trophy does cost more than standards, it adds another layer to the scope of recognition.

2. Economy Trophies

These awards, commonly referred to as entry-level trophies, are the basic level of product. Normally, they consist of a small, padless marble base and a figure. The character is placed in a standing or sitting position that reflects their subject. Most of the time, the figure is attached to a small column.

If there’s a personalized tag, it’s sometimes printed instead of engraved. On average, these economy trophies are the lowest cost offerings. As they are regularly utilized for sports award ceremonies, they tend to be ordered in bulk.

3. Participation Trophies

This is not an award for participation in an event. Rather, the trophy is an upgrade from the economic model. Typically, it consists of a figure in the form of a team player or individual participant. They’re positioned on a larger column made of wood, marble, or plastic.

In some cases, the figure could be directly attached to the base, which has felt padding to protect furniture. Like the economy trophy, the nameplate is either printed or engraved. Overall, a participation trophy costs somewhere in the middle of the pack.

4. Resin Trophies

Resin trophies have gained popularity in the awards market. Not only are they quite durable, but they’re also lightweight. Furthermore, they don’t have the figure positioned on a column. Instead, they’re attached directly to the base.

These figures are available in lifelike detail due to the cast resin. Made of petroleum-derived products, it’s more malleable than metal-based figurines. Furthermore, they tend to be larger than the ones on the economy and participation models.

5. Championship Trophies

Championship trophies are the top tier of awards. They come in several models, including a multi-column version and a winning cup. There are others called perpetual cups that are passed along each year. Think of Lord Stanley’s Cup in the NHL.

The cup and figurine could be made of any type of material. Some of the high-end models feature gold or silver plating. Burnished pewter has also been used in some version of the championship trophy.

The nameplates tend to be engraved. If it’s a perpetual cup, then the award is sent to the shop each year to add another name. There could be a second engraved plate that signifies what the trophy is for.

Usually, this type of trophy isn’t taken to someone’s home. It’s kept in a display where the team holds its games. In place of this, the players are provided with smaller versions of the trophy to take home.

How To Order Trophies

Ordering these awards is a simple task. It’s done through a local shop or an online retailer. If utilizing standard designs, then select the ones you want to use for the upcoming ceremony.

What you must watch out for are the nameplates. Ensure first, and last names are correct and legible when completing any forms. Definitely go over the list several times. Nothing stings more than someone receiving a trophy with a misspelled name.

Custom trophies and perpetual cups have different processes. The former requires your design specifications or acceptance of those from the sculptor. The latter needs additional thought concerning its legacy. It must have a timeless feel. Furthermore, the player trophies should have a similar design.

In the end, splurge a little to present awards that the participants will be proud to display on their shelves.

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