4 fantastic places to visit if you’re a movie and TV fanatic

Are you fascinated by TV and movies? If yes then you might want to plan a trip based on seeing some of the most amazing filming locations. Here are some important examples that are worth considering and checking out!


First, you might want to think about taking a trip to Ireland. Ireland is often used as a filming location for fantasy epics and science fiction adventures.

There are parts of Ireland that actually seem to be from another planet or at least another point in time. Probably one of the most popular TV shows in recent years that used Ireland as a filming location is War of Thrones. While season 8 may have left a lot to be desired, the settings are still undeniably beautiful and worth exploring in person.


You might also want to think about taking a trip to Ohio. This is the location of choice for period pieces due to the unique architecture that still exists in Cincinnati today. It is also commonly used as a filming location for picturesque indie movies, including seabiscuit and even rain man. If you are interested in visiting Ohio then you should definitely check out the architecture around Cincinnati. There are plenty of other activities to explore here too, including the perfect escape room. rainy day activity. Then you will definitely not be bored on your trip!

New York

The City That Never Sleeps has been used for countless movies over the years, in part because of the incredible opportunities that a location like Central Park and Time Square offers. home alone 2 was filmed in New York, as well as parts of The Avengers and several other blockbusters in recent years.

There are also many TV shows that were filmed in New York. gossip Girl and Sex and the City just to name two – and there are even full tours for both series you can take on your trip!


Finally, if you are interested in seeing some of the sites that have been used for the latest popular movies and TV shows, then you definitely need to book a trip to London as soon as possible. The latest Bond films have at least some scenes that were shot on location around London and that’s just one example.

Several of Fast and furious films were also shot in London, although the action has recently moved to Glasgow for 9 fast. So why is London so popular as a filming location? Well, it’s an iconic location and it has some attractive attractions that are known all over the world!

We hope this helps you see that there are some amazing places to visit around the world if you are interested in places that have been used for movies and TV shows. We just scratched the surface here too. For example, you can take a trip to Warner Bros Studios outside London. Here you can take a fascinating tour of all the different pieces used in the Harry Potter films.

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