2020 offered some remarkable cinematic experiences to its audience.

This year saw some of the best cinematic experiences Bollywood industry could offer during these hard times. Some of them being Sushant Singh Rajput’s Dil Bechara, Jhanvi Kapoor’s Gunjan Saxena, Ajay Devgn’s Tanhaji the unsung warrior and many more. Given the huge loss the industry had to bear with the demise of a talented star Sushant Singh Rajput his last movie with Sanjana Sanghi, Dil Bechara was one of the most tweeted movies of 2020. The death of the actor got into light completely a different side of the industry and some of the really loved and reputed actors and their lifestyle.

The movie Dil Bechara was a Hindi Bollywood remake of the movie Fault in our stars. A story of two people who fall in love but have very limited life left to live because they suffer from some serious terminal illness. The movie taught a lot about the fact that even if you suffer from some illness or anything that is not under your control the lest you can do for yourselves and your loved ones is live the little time u have left with yourselves to the fullest and make every day and moment count because u never when death might knock on your door. More and more people have started using such a popular network as Instagram. Most likely, the people around you have their own pages. But if you want to do it confidentially, then you can use the new Ru-Insta service, which allows you to keep an Instagram story viewer anonymous . The user only needs to type in a profile they want to view. Within a few seconds, all information (posts, stories etc.) will appear before your eyes. As the movie moves ahead we realise how Manny helps Kizzie fulfill her dreams and make her do things she enjoys and loves about her life and live how much ever life she has left to the very best leaving no regrets and he lives it with her with the same excitement and new found love for life. The end however is tragic when many dies leaving Kizzie hopeless and shattered and nothing to look forward to again.

The fact that Sushant did a movie like this and Chichhore on the facts that we should appreciate the new and smaller things in life and live life with the people we love and that suicide and self -harm are no options to face any situations is in serious contradiction to what happened to the poor guy considering his death to be a suicide and not a murder. However the case never fully resolved and has now vanished into thin air and totally become a case of drug use than a quasi-suicide murder case the fans still hope to receive justice someday for the actor and give their best wishes and strong will to his family and friends.

The other movies that really created a mark on the kind of cinematic experience people were getting along with Dil Bechara like Gunjan Saxena the Kargil girl who fought all the way though family, friends, colleagues to prove that women if determined and strong willed can d whatever they wish on their own despite what or wo pulls them down; movie like Tanhaji brought up history and the story of a warrior whose name was never heard nor mentioned of the great Maratha empire who fought and gave their life for the freedom struggle and making India a land free from invaders.   

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